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Welcome to the MTA Book Club forum. This site was made for discussion of the books we are reading in Book Club.

If you have any questions go to the FAQ page:

There are some rules to posting here:

**THIS IS A MT. ABRAM HIGH FORUM. Simple enough, this forum is made for Mt. Abram's Book Club.

**MAKE YOUR FIRST POST IN "INTRODUCE YOURSELF". Post your intro as a 'New Topic' and tell us a bit about yourself. Favorite book, movies, hobbies, anything you want. Don't post personal info on the internet such as cell phones numbers, address, last name, and so on. We all know each other here but better safe than sorry.

**NO FIGHTING. No arguments. Defending your opinion is understood, but any personal grudges are not to be taken here. NO PERSONAL FIGHTS!! Please be friendly to one another and no foul language. If you have a problem with someone in school, leave it there. Fighting is not tolerated.

**REVIEW ALL THE FORUMS BEFORE POSTING A NEW TOPIC. Before you post a new topic make sure that you aren't actually duplicating another one or that what you want to say might be able to fall into an already existing topic or category. TRY NOT TO POST ONE TOPIC TWICE, it will be deleted.

**NO BASHING!!!! We will not tolerate members bashing one another or topics. Please be friendly and no use of foul language. No trash talking any books, movies, or people.

**DO NOT POST CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS. No religion or politics please. There are other forums for these kinds of discussions.

**NO FOUL LANGUAGE OR INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES. Keep it clean. Do not use bad language, teachers are moderating this site. No rude/off-color remarks about race, religion, nationality, etc.

**SPOILERS. This is hard to avoid but make sure you keep it in their specific threads. If your reading a topic about a book you haven't read yet keep in mind that there will probably be some spoilers.


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